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Luna Photography: Capturing the Beauty and Diversity of Life in New York City through Street Photography

New York City street photography As a photographer, capturing life in New York City through street photography has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. The city is a melting pot of cultures, races, and lifestyles, and it’s this diversity that makes it such a unique and exciting place to explore through the lens. With Luna Photography, my partner Klaudia and I have found a way to express our passion for street photography and showcase the… Read More

“Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer in New York City”

When it comes to wedding photography, there are a few key factors that are especially important. First and foremost, you want a photographer who has a keen eye for capturing emotion and telling a story through their images. Weddings are full of intimate, emotional moments, and a skilled photographer will know how to capture them in a way that is both authentic and beautiful. Additionally, you’ll want to choose a photographer who has experience shooting… Read More

Our photo world

We are a Brooklyn-based photography team that specializes in capturing the magic of weddings and more. With our keen eye for detail and passion for creating cherished memories, we are dedicated to providing exceptional photography services that reflect the unique essence of each moment. Our team consists of experienced photographers who are skilled in using both traditional and modern techniques to capture breathtaking images. We understand that every couple is different, and we take the… Read More