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Wedding Bronze package $550

This package is perfect for people who want a great memento of their wedding ceremony. There is no photo session in this package, just a photo report of your ceremony.

Up to 2 Hours

Yes, we will stay with you up to two hours. We will be busy taking pictures in a while. Of course, you will be in the photos as well as the guests and the scenery surrounding you. All photos are kept in our style and made with respect for the art of photography. At your request, we can stay an hour longer or two hours. In this case, each extra hour is charged $ 350

Min. 20 Images

You probably ask yourself why the minimum of 20 photos. I am explaining why so. This is such an insurance and it means that you will receive a minimum of 20 high-quality photos from us. If the situation does not allow us to obtain the minimum amount (e.g. the weather, the photos are outside), then we will stay longer than the two hours specified earlier. It does not mean that we will be with you all day, we will be with you until we recognize that we have these 20 photos. However, in the second step, if the situation allows you to get, for example, 50 great photos. It is out of respect for you that we will give them to you for the same price. We will not remove them only because you will not pay us for them. Of course, if you reward us with a tip or a good comment on FB, we will be very grateful.

Min. 20 Edited Images

Making long stories, short. You will receive a minimum of 30 photos from us, which will be assembled in the graphics program. The following will be given for editing: light, contrast, shades, etc. It is possible that we will have more photos that we want to share with you and they will also be edited. It is possible to modify the image, such as removing elements or adding. It is a separate service and is subject to a separate agreement.

Hi-res images on USB stick

All photos in high quality are saved on an elegant flash drive, which is also intended for circumstances. There will be two sets of photos. One of high quality, intended for e.g. development or use in a photo book. The second, also of high quality, for use on social media. That’s all to takes to meet your expectations.

30-day web gallery

Included in the price of this set. You get thirty days of online gallery on our website. It will be password protected and only you will receive this password. We create such galleries for our clients because, it is a please and a quick way to share photos with loved ones. In the near future we would like to launch a service: print on demand. It will be a service that allows you to print photos from the gallery – and the finished prints of your photos will be sent to your home. Professional service at an affordable price without leaving your home. We’re still working on it but as soon as we launch it, you will have access to it.

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